The Money BO$$ Nine

Money BO$$ Groundwork


Step #1:

Conduct a Financial Audit- When You Take a Financial Audit of Your Finances You Get Clarity Around Where You Really Stand So You Know Your Next Move


Step #2:

Create a Mi$$ion- Here You Will Figure Why You're Going to Become the Bo$$ of Your Money


Step #3: 

Start a PPA (Paycheck Plan of Action)- 80% of Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck.  This May Be You Now but Not For Long.  You're About to Start Being the BO$$ With a Pay Frequency Budget.


Step #4: 

Start Your Stay Ready Fund with ¼ of Your Gross Monthly Income. Stop Telling Yourself "No I Can't Right Now" When Opportunities Arise.  Stay Ready So You Don't Have to Get Ready.

Step #5: 

Purchase Life Insurance-This is the Easiest Way to Get Peace of Mind, Protect the Financial Legacy You’re Working Toward, and Create Wealth for the Next Generation.


Step #6:

Divorce Debt- Its Time To Put An End to Your Relationship with Debt.  Get all of your Credit Cards Paid Off.  A BO$$ Doesn’t Need to Carry Debt, We Have Better Things to Do With Our Money Then Pay Interest


Step #7:

Increase Your Stay Ready Fund to 3 Months Expenses or More.

Step #8: 

Plan for Major Expenses (ex. car, house down payment/ pay home off early, retirement, vacations, etc.)

Step #9:

Invest, Increase Life Insurance and Build Monetary Wealth!