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You may have noticed more blog post about mindset and money. That’s because mindset is the missing piece to financial success. Take it from someone who who’s been in banking for over 15 years, guided others to make sound financial decisions but still found myself crippled with debt, desperate to find work and get a car so I could get there. It’s embarrassing to all of a sudden see yourself in the position I’ve seen others across my desk. I felt like I should know better and a failure.

That’s when I realized I needed to figure out how I got into the financial mess I was in and it led to much deeper soul searching and mindset shifts. My financial picture was really a reflection of how I felt about myself and some beliefs I had about money.

When I felt lowly of myself my money habits reflected that with overspending and debt. When I had undealtwith hurts in my life, my money habits reflected that in overcompensating to buy my worth and acceptance of others.

When I believed money was an evil and I shouldn’t like it it all that much, my money habits reflected that in my unwillingness to ask for what I’m worth so I can live the way I choose and deserve!

You see, you can get the run down on what you should and shouldn’t do to manage your money from me or from someone else but it’s not going to matter if your mindset is jacked up. To achieve the money Bo$$ status you want will take change on your part.

Here are 3 ways you can start.

1. Look at your current financial picture and determine if you are where you want to be or know you should be

2. If you’re not, ask yourself why you’re not there. Then ask yourself why again based on that answers. Keep asking yourself why until you get to a root.

3. Change that root issue so you can begin a new mindset around that finding.

When I did this it led me to realize I needed help. I hired my first coach whom I’m eternally grateful for to this day. She helped me gain clarity so I could see clearly the steps I needed to commit to get the life I wanted.

If you feeling you may need additional help to reach your goals go to the coaching tab to book a discovery call or message me on social media to see if my coaching programs are right for you.

I’m the mean time, enjoy your weekend and continue to bo$$ up!


Mya K

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