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Take Your Lunch to Work Challenge (STARTS NOVEMBER 1st)

The holiday season is around the corner and with our busy schedules, the calendar year seems to fly by. Now that this season is upon us, that also means more grocery, more travel, more purchases in general.

If you have not been saving for this time of year since this time last year (and if you have KUDOS TO YOU! YESSSSS!) then here is a challenge to help you save extra money for the holidays.

Eating out for lunch everyday can cost you on average anywhere from $8-$13 per day depending on where you dine. Fast food is on the lower end and lunch specials at a restaurant plus the tip are on the higher end. That’s $160-$260 for one month.

I know that you may have some business lunch meetings or seminars and I’m not referring to those days. The other days I challenge you to take your lunch to work and save those dollar$. I’m doing it. JOIN ME! 😊 November 1st - November 29th

Taking your lunch to work is one way you can save money. Work with me and we will look at your finances and customize a plan specifically for you. Go to www.myakcoaching.com and click on the “coaching” tab to schedule a discovery call to see if my 90 day private one-on-one coaching program is right for you.

Talk to you soon,

Mya K.

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