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Reflect on Your Month

It’s February! You survived the 1st month of 2020. Now it’s time to really think about those resolutions. Do you still want to proceed? Do you need to adjust? Change? Add? The thing is, it’s your life and you can do whatever you want or don’t want.

At the end of each month I try to reflect on my progress so I’ll know how to improve and focus my energy in the new month. Here are the 4 questions I use as I’m guided in my #legendplanner

•How do I feel about my progress this month?

•What are the 3 most important lessons I have learned during the last month?

•Which life areas were lacking this month and why?

•What are 3 things I can improve next month? What are the major action steps I can take to work towards these improvements?

I’m currently reading The Hollywood Commandments by Devon Franklin and one takeaway so far is it helps me see the spiritual perspective in setbacks. So much good has come out of so much turmoil that I see more clearly as more smoke settles and I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

I hope that your reflection sets you up for a great February.

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