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Mindset and Money

AYE! Look at you! You are accomplished. You are making moves. You are badass! All your hard work and ambition is paying off in your career, business, and special projects. From the outside, people assume that when we are high achieving, we must have it all together. Unless you are superhuman, there is no way! I’m not talking about those days when everything is going well and you think to yourself “Man, life is good!” I’m talking about those things that you have swept under the rug because it’s too painful to face. How are you REALLY doing in the following areas?

· Health & Fitness

· Career & Business

· Personal Development

· Family & Friends

· Romance & Relationships

· Fun, Recreation, Hobbies

· Spiritual

· Finance & Net Worth

There are many areas to manage and depending on what is happening in YOUR life, some get more attention than the others. I can bet too, some of these life areas you don’t necessarily care for. Depending on your story, a few of these categories are harder for you to embrace. Not because you don’t want to (it may be a deep desire), but because you’ve created a belief around it and that belief prevents you taking action. You may have a limiting belief.

A limiting belief is a false belief that you have either created or you were told around something. Many limiting beliefs come from hearing and observing things in our childhood. Others we may have developed based on some bad and painful experiences. What is something that you believe in each of the life areas above that limit you?

It’s not any different when it comes to your finances. What are you telling yourself about money? What do you believe when it comes to your credit? Your mindset around your finances could be the intangible piece of the puzzle that is preventing you from bossing up.

I know however, that all of your accomplishments don’t have to stop here! You can erase any self-doubt in your mind around your ability to confidently improve your money management. Go to www.myakcoaching.com and click on the “coaching” tab to schedule a discovery call to see if my 90 day private one-on-one coaching program is right for you.

Mya K.

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