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Is An Idea All You Need?

I was thinking about a decision that I made that I was not going get angry or let anyone anger me that day. I feel like whenever I make that type of statement, I’m immediately tested. It can be as easy as someone driving crazy on my way to work.

So, I thought a little deeper and realized the reason is because when I say, “I’m not going to get angry today,” I have an idea. What I need instead of an idea of not getting angry is to set an intention that I will not get angry today. An idea to not get angry vs. an intention I will not get angry. See the difference?

Let’s dig deeper into the meaning. According to the dictionary, an idea is a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. Lots of indefinite noncommittal language there. Thought. Suggestion. Possible course of action. So, it’s the beginning stage of an outcome. On the other hand, the dictionary says that an intention is a thing intended, an aim or plan. That sounds more, I am making this happen.

Getting our financial picture in order is a great idea, right? Everyone will usually agree that it is. Yet, there is a difference in having an idea in getting your financial picture in order and setting an intention. I think about how that relates to our journey of changing our mindset, sticking to a spending plan each month, establishing a savings, and eliminating credit card debt. I don’t just tell you what you should do (thought, idea), I created tactics to get you there (plan, intention).

I am here to guide you through a process and together, we are setting an intention to rebuild our financial infrastructure.

Share with me in the comments, where have you only been coming up with ideas and not setting intentions?

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