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4 Ways to Prevent Thanksgiving from Sabotaging Your Money Goals

If you celebrate the upcoming U.S. holiday season, Thanksgiving is approximately 15 days away! To avoid overspending on your menu consider these tips.

Plan Now

What will you serve? Who will attend? Who makes it best?

To cut down on holiday expenses consider a non-traditional holiday potluck and invite your friends and loved ones to the gathering. I know someone in the family makes the best greens while another can throw down on the turkey. Start an online sign-up sheet or a good ole group text to see who is willing and able to make what. So instead of you doing it all, consider doing it big together.

Be Real

Money bo$$es know their Income has to be told what to do. Sit down and figure out your expenses. Be honest with yourself and others about what you can make happen. If you've over extended yourself, communicate that to everyone so adjustments can be made. Money can be a big source of stress when it’s mismanaged and I don’t want you having regrets for your decisions later.

Step Up

If you are real and can't see a way to financially make it work, offer to help set up, clean up, or chop up all that onion and celery that's going in the dressing. There are always tedious tasks that will take the pressure and stress off others. So step up and offer to contribute in other ways.

Goal Set

So you know holidays are annual holidays right? Consider how things go this year and think about what you’d like to see next year. Start a holiday fund and put a little into it regularly or fund it all now and let it grow in a savings or CD for 9-12 months. The nice thing is, you have a lot more time now to prepare for next year.

Try these steps to avoid sabatoging your goals this season. Your presence is really what matters most ❤️

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