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Grand RE-Opening!

Hey everyone!

This is my official re-launch! Thank you to all of you who donated and supported me over this past year! I’m so excited to start this journey with a new sense of purpose, clarity, and vision for the future. Words cannot express my gratitude for every follower, subscriber, like, and share!

So, without further ado, I’m excited to announce that Mya K Coaching is officially open for business!

With my coaching business, my mission is to help high achieving women take control of their money and improve their credit so they can TRULY live life like a BO$$! It is time for your money management to mirror your career success!

If you are new here, first, I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome! To bring you up to speed, here is a quick back story of how I got to this point today. I started this with an intention to educate people about credit but found that people really didn’t want to be educated about credit but wanted their credit fixed…I’m not a credit repair company… I also saw that during that process, people had other financial challenges such as too much debt or not enough savings holding them back. I became even more passionate helping people improve their money management and the good news is, the byproduct of that is improved credit! It’s a WIN WIN.

Now I’ve evolved from a blog into coaching programs and courses.

Mya K Coaching is for the high achieving woman who has demonstrated ambition when it comes to professional success, but personal finance is secretly stressing you out! Since you are a successful professional it may be embarrassing to admit your money chaos. You may feel frustrated with yourself for not mastering personal finance despite all your awards and accolades. Or you’re holding on to a relationship with a company or individual because you don’t have your ducks in a row to move on.

If you are ready to get your money in order, be independent and feel content with your ability to manage your income, go to www.myakcoaching.com and click on the “coaching” tab to schedule a discovery call to see if my 90 day private one-on-one coaching program is right for you '

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