• Mya K

Gaining Financial Clarity

I once tweeted that “clarity is a great medicine.” Although my clarity tweet was not driven by the idea of finances, I still believe the concept of clarity applies.

First off, let’s understand what clarity is. Clarity is defined by Merriam -Webster as the quality or state of being clear. Oftentimes, we are aware when we lack clarity or we don’t quite understand something. However, in my own personal efforts to channel more positive energy, I have chosen not to look at anything from a position of lack. Instead, I want you to focus along with me on gaining clarity.

Once you gain clarity around your finances you can then focus on solutions. Clarity allows you to think different about your money and how you will handle it moving forward. It can expose patterns and boost your confidence.

That’s why my tweet says clarity is a great medicine. You're no longer putting a band aid on the problem. Clarity is the catalyst to radical change!

If you need help gaining clarity around your finances, schedule a discovery call at www.myakcoaching.com and click on the “coaching” tab. We can see if my 90 day 1-on-1 coaching program is right for you.

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