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Done with December

Hey everybody,

So it's been awhile since I've posted a blog and I felt the only way to get back in the swing of things was to pull out my laptop and start typing. :)

December usually is my favorite month out of the year because it’s my birthday month. I’m a New Year's Eve baby and I get to spend the entire month of December anticipating the entry into the next chapter of my journey.

Well December 2019 has thrown me a bit of a curveball that I am finally gradually pulling myself out of. As I've been journaling, meditating, mourning, and crying all that I could gather was that December has been the month of death on many levels.

December has been the death of relationships.

December has been the death of trust.

December has been the death of love.

December has been the death of new life.

December has been the death of greatness.

December has been the death of a decade.

I don't mean for this to be dark and dreary however it does reflect the last few weeks of my life. I know that this time of year can be very difficult for many people for many reasons and quite frankly I'm no different. Don’t be fooled.

I've been drug through so many emotions so much pain so much disappointment so much let down that I even wrote a poem that hopefully will be an encouragement to someone one day. I had to get out how I really felt about life and the turn of events.

That clarity that people want you to operate on their terms in order to be in your life. That they will offer support when you respond they way they want you to. That they will show up for you only for the easy stuff. It really has been eye opening and I guess because of my empathic nature, had to occur this way for me to “get it.” It all has purpose and it was necessary.

This month has strengthened my confidence to be an ally and an advocate for mental health because my mental health certainly has been on the ropes this December. One thing that I ran across that I want to share with you are ways to take care of yourself this time of year. I definitely benefited from reviewing this list. You can access Self-Care During the Holidays.

I know this is a money blog but I also try to really point out the mindset piece to your financial success and one of the things that I have recently been connecting the dots between is a lot of times when we have trauma, anxiety, and/or depression as a part of our lives that we live with daily, that has a big effect on the way we also manage our money, our relationship with money, the way we feel about money, and the way we treat our money.

There is a correlation so it's not completely off-base. At the same time I feel that I am being called to really dig deep into the mental health branch of this because even though it is gaining more traction in the community and becoming less taboo there are a lot of unqualified people who tend to want to offer help and kind words and quite frankly when you do that you make it worse. You make it harder. You words and dismissal confirm the pain. When you don't know what to say, say nothing and seek help from someone that will know what to say. It could save a life.

So if I feel up to it, (I'll be honest… this month I really want to be in solitude) I will share more but for 2020 there will definitely be a shift. If I lose some of you as subscribers I understand. No hard feelings. I just feel that the mindset and mental health piece is the real change needed not just for your money but for your life.

I hope you get through the holiday season and bring in the New Year the way you want to live out the next decade.


Mya K

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