• Mya K

Bill Calendar

The first type of budget we’ll look at is the Bill Calendar or Budget Calendar


*Helpful if you live paycheck to paycheck

*Plan your monthly spending

*Track payment amounts and dates

*Track paydays

*Reminds you to make payments on time

*Can be paper or digital and part of your existing calendar

*Pay on due dates or pay everything that’s due between your paydays

*Also shows events, birthdays, trips, etc that you can see ahead and plan your spending accordingly

*On time payments boost your credit score (remember payments make up 35% of your score)

This is the method I’ve used the longest. I created my first budget this way not realizing I was creating a budget.

I like to see when I get paid and when bills are due. This method is why my payment history is flawless on my credit report. As long as I remember to write it down, them it gets paid.

Missing an item is defiantly a disadvantage if you are using this method exclusively.

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