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4 Ways to Stick to Your Goals

For those of you on the #2020NoCCDebt journey (shout out to you!) we are approaching the 90 day check in. I thought this would be a good time to share with all of you a few tips to stick with your goals as this can apply to any area of your life. Try these and watch your productivity and confidence increase!

Make goals reachable, but challenging

Make sure that you are setting a goal that is actually attainable but will require some effort. If your goal is not reachable, then you will give up because its too far off. Big goals should be broken into smaller manageable steps. If you want to save $1000 a year, you can set a goal to set aside $84 per month. You want to lose 50 pounds, start buy losing 5 then keep going.

Make “resolutions” quarterly goals

Did you make a New Year’s resolution in January? Are you still doing it? You think you have a lot of time right? After all you have a WHOLE YEAR. By setting goals that you can achieve in 90 days you can accomplish more in a year. Depending on the type of goal, it probably doesn’t need to take a year to accomplish. You may have been setting this same resolution for years now…. Break it into a 90 day goal and move away from an idea and get intentional!

Reflect monthly

At the end of each month, reflect on the past month by reviewing your progress toward the goal(s) you have set. What did you learn? Think about how you can do better the next month and what adjustment you need to make.

Reward yourself

You’ve made your quarterly goal. YAY! So reward yourself with something special. This could be different for all of us but certainly don’t let your achievement go unnoticed. Celebrate small wins in life to keep your momentum going. You did it!

This is what helps me but you may have a way that works for you! How do you stay on track with your goals? Share with me in the comments.

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