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4 Mistakes High Achieving Women Make with Money

There are 4 BIG mistakes that high achieving women often make when managing our money. Which mistake is blocking YOUR progress right now?

MISTAKE #1 Depriving yourself.

Its important that we have balance in all areas of our lives. I’m not just referring to balancing your check book…but balancing your habits. You can get too debt repayment focused or too savings focused. You don’t want to be too one extreme or the other. This can cause mini meltdowns that lead to impulse purchases, buyer’s remorse and overspending.

MISTAKE #2 Looking the part.

As a high achieving woman we may feel that people expect us to be at a certain level. I’m not only talking about hair, make-up and clothes looking the part, I’m also talking about buying rounds for the room and getting the bill for a large group every time there is a gathering. You may be on that level as far as your earned income but where are you when it comes to your residual income? Residual income is what’s left after you’ve paid all your expenses.

MISTAKE #3 Not investing.

Investing on ALL levels. There is a difference between spending and investing. Or, you’re not investing your earnings to get a return. You have to look at everything as getting a return on your money. Even if it’s a material item like a handbag. Everything that you use money for, you have to ask yourself “What is my return on this investment?”

MISTAKE #4 Being afraid to ask for help.

When we’re in the office, our zone, doing our career thing we are the boss! We are the expert! We’re used to people coming to us. As a result, we don’t ask for the help WE need in order to be better. Just because you are a career professional, entrepreneur, management or higher in your field doesn’t mean you may not need help in other areas of your life. We don’t invest in ourselves and get the help we need for our financial lives to thrive.

If you find you’re making one or more of these mistakes when it comes to managing your money and you’re ready to take control, go to www.myakcoaching.com and click on the “coaching” tab to schedule a discovery call to see if my 90 day private one-on-one coaching program is right for you!

I look forward to speaking with you!

Mya K.

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