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3 Post to Declutter from Your Social Media

"Before, I could take long breaks from social media as a needed boundary for my own self-care."


As the year is coming to an end I’ve been thinking more and more about my progress and my plans for 2020. My goal is to keep evolving so I can continue to manifest what I desire and become the woman I’m meant to be. Now that I run an online business, I am on various social media platforms much more than before. I personally am not a big fan of social media because it makes me feel bad about myself. It is a highlight reel of everyone’s best moments, reminders of what I’ve yet to achieve, someone’s negative offensive post, or memes one after another. Before, I could take long breaks from social media as a needed boundary for my own self-care. If social media is strictly socializing and entertainment for you than this may not apply as much. But when you are on social media to inspire, network and form connections with your audience like I am, I find that I have to declutter my feeds.

Here are the 3 types of post I’ve recently had to remove from my social media feeds:

Disturbing – I have found it necessary to unfollow people and hide ads that cause me any disharmonious vibe, discord, and/or anxiety. It could be something I’m currently working on that is making it difficult to process or confusing as well as something I’m trying to heal that is triggered. The bottom line is, it’s a disruption to my inner peace and my inner peace is non-negotiable.

Distracting- Oftentimes, I have to get into a flow to have positive and productive days as I desire. This flow is what allows me to create content, function from my best self, give off positive vibes and in return I’m able to manifest more money, success, and love. There are times that certain post are very distracting to my flow. It’s not as simple for me to just not log in even though I have made more of a conscious effort to remind myself of what I specifically logged in to do. Despite, there is still the opportunity for something counterproductive to my flow to appear and distract me.

Tired of seeing – This may seem obvious but sometimes you just get tired of seeing certain things. You may adore the person but you are tired of the same ole same ole that they post. It is nothing personal, it’s just that you are not their audience right now. There may be someone that always post their problems and while it may bring some balance to all the highlight reels, its still a disruption to the energy you want from your time online. It could be something or someone that you started to follow to show interest or support but you have evolved into completely different interest now.

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