Thursday October 17th is GET SMART ABOUT CREDIT DAY! 

To celebrate, I'm hosting a FREE  Livestream Training called "Understanding Credit" where we will learn about credit, have Q&A and connect.  I'd love to have you join me!


After many years of underwriting consumer credit, I've learned the importance of understanding how credit works and what effect certain decisions have on your credit.


The better you understand these things the easier it is to use credit the right way and leverage it if needed. 


I'm  not anti-credit but I am anti-credit card debt!  Credit card debt taking a large percent of your check each payday is what I'm here to help you overcome so you can engage in other ways to build wealth!


You don't want to miss this training if you want to:

  • know how credit works

  • understand your credit score

  • learn ways to boost your credit score


If you have teens this would be a great training to have them join you on so they gain a good foundation.

The training will be at 9am CST Saturday October 19th and I strongly recommend that you join me LIVE so you can ask me questions during the training.

See you there!


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